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Let Black Op Networks help you safeguard your data.

Backups are the last thing on most people's minds.  As long as the server is running, everyone's happy, right?  Until it isn't.  Backups are generally the last configured thing on a server and rarely checked into... leaving your company vulnerable when something happens to your core data.  Fortunately, there are multiple ways to combat this:

  1. Monitoring

  2. Email Alerts

  3. Reporting

Here at Black Op Networks, we've seen melted drives, burned servers, lost data, deleted data from disgruntled employees, and even completely deleted email accounts.  Viruses?   Malware?  Ransomware?  All becomes less of an issue when your backups are locked down tight.

We can help make this a reality.

Contact us today for more information.

Hard Drive Backup
Monitoring: Service
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